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Grab Bar Installation From Punta Gorda to Sun City, FL

We Offer Solutions That Allow You to Stay in Your Home

Grab bars are an essential accessory for individuals of any age who can benefit from the safety and assurance of extra assistance. The reliability and effectiveness of these bars are directly related to the knowledge and experience of the installer, which is why you can be fully confident in The Grab Bar Guy for grab bar installation in any part of the home from Punta Gorda to Sun City, FL. We have more than 25 years of experience and are licensed and insured for your protection. Contact us today to learn more about our products and schedule an installation.

Cropped shot of a senior woman spending time with her loving grandson

Grab Bars for Any Part of Your Property

Whether you’re a senior or someone with a disability or injury, grab bars are magical because they make aging in place or rehabbing at home possible. Everyone is most comfortable at home, and remaining there is preferable for all as long as it remains a safe and practical option. Having grab bars installed for you or a loved one provides peace of mind that a little extra assistance is there when needed, reducing the risk of a fall or accident. Our grab bars are perfect for:

  • Showers
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedside
  • Entry Doors
  • And More

Licensed and Insured Grab Bar Installation

We are fully licensed and insured and follow all state and federal codes when installing grab bar assistance devices in homes throughout the area. Proper installation is critical to ensure the bar is secure and can support weight reliably. Understanding the correct positioning and height level is also vital to proper function. With nearly three decades of experience in the business, we guarantee all of these essential criteria will be met when we install safety instruments in your home. We have an assorted collection of designs to choose from, enabling you to pick a product color and style to match your home. Contact us to learn more about grab bar choices and installation today.

The Grab Bar Guy


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